Deacon Jonathan Munn

Deacon Munn needs little in the way of introduction. He has been active for a good while on the Internet and runs The Anglican Diaspora and O cuniculi! Ubi lexicon Latinum posui?

He is a schoolmaster and teaches mathematics, my very worst subject at school! I’m OK at arithmetic and geometry (essential for sea navigation), anything with a practical application for me – but pure mathematics is beyond me. I appreciate that it is a branch of philosophy and logic, and numbers are the stuff of life – but I do better with words. Deacon Jonathan is brilliant with numbers, and is also as talented with words.

So he will be helping me to get this new blog onto its feet and set about getting in new blood in England, America and other English-speaking countries. This is not my blog, but the Church’s. That’s something I want to be clear about from the beginning.

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2 Responses to Deacon Jonathan Munn

  1. I wish you both a blessing on this blog. Deacon Jonathan I am a Priest in the ACC/OP, Missionary diocese of Australia and New Zealand
    Father Ed Bakker ACC/OP

  2. warwickensis says:

    Thank you, Fr Bakker for your kind words. I’m hoping this new venture will be help us all to do a bit of justice to the “fides quaerens intellectum”.

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