Saint Catherine of Sienna and a reflection about Saints


My brothers and sisters in Christ,

Yesterday on my own blogspot I wrote a piece about Saint Catherine of Sienna and reflected  also on our own ability to have visions of Saints, Angels and even God. Unfortunately in this life , when one does have a deeply religious experience there are so many sceptics about and scientists are jumping to discredit your story.

Dr.Raymond Moody wrote a book ” Life after Life”, I have read it, have any of you read it at all? It covers experiences of people who were pronounced dead, who had after life experiences  and came back to life. One patient who died, could see himself  lying in bed from a position near the ceiling. Then he was walking into a dark tunnel towards a glorious light. At the end of the tunnel he was met by Christ, who asked him: ” what have you done with your life?” Suddenly he received the gift of all knowledge and was given the option to return with the advice that he would loose all knowledge then. He realized that he still had work to do in the name of Christ and returned. He was then revived by hospital staff.

As a Priest I once administered the last rites to an older lady, she was near death and her faith shone so brightly , that I could see God’s Glory reflected in it. You see  she already saw something of God’s Glory.

We are offcourse all called to be Saints , I guess we dont often think about it. Many of us strive to know the calling of God on our lives. We question whether or not we should be in a particular ministry, take a certain job, move across the country, and so on. It is so easy to get caught up in figuring out the details of our calling and forget the primary call on our lives: to be saints.
The call of God to be saints never has to be questioned. Regardless of our status in life—whether we’re rich or poor, intelligent or lacking intelligence, talented or seemingly without great talent, every Christian is called to be a saint.

What does it mean to be called to be a saint? The word translated “called” in the Greek is kletos and means “to be invited, or divinely selected and appointed.” The word translated “saint” in the Greek is hagios and means “to be holy.” Thus, we have been invited and divinely selected and appointed by God, to be holy.

If we focused initially on the word “saint,” with its meaning “to be holy,” we might give up. We know we’d fall short. From a natural perspective, holiness is an impossible thing for us to achieve. But we take comfort in the fact that God has called, or invited and divinely selected us to be holy. God is involved in the process. As we focus on the call to be holy, the other things will become clearer, and we’ll be better equipped to do them. If we concentrate first on being saints, everything else will fall into place.

Have a blessed day,

Father Ed Bakker

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Priest in the Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne /Missionary diocese of Australia and NZ Bendigo Goldfields Vic Australia
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2 Responses to Saint Catherine of Sienna and a reflection about Saints

  1. Neil Hailstone says:

    Fr Ed

    I have heard similar reliable testimony from other catholic priests when administering the Sacrament of Holy Unction. It is very reassuring to ordinary believers to hear of these things.

    The light at the end of the darkened tunnel experience has been related to me personally more than once by persons hovering between life and death who recovered because it was not the Lord’s time for them to leave. Their life and work upon the earth being unfinished.

    • fatheredbakker says:

      Hello Neil,
      I did appreciate your comments. These matters are very important.

      Yours in Christ,

      Father Ed Bakker

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