Some thoughts on the recent feast of Corpus Christi


Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

This beautiful picture was posted on Facebook by our Bishop of the ACC Diocese of the UK. It is magnificent. I have always been used to celebrated Mass on the actual feast day itself and observe next Sunday as the 1st after Trinity. At this point in time I could not have a Eucharistic procession, as am saying Mass at home, but fortunately I have the use of a Monstrance, so we had a most appropriate Corpus Christi Celebration. During my time as Subdeacon at Christ Church Anglican Church, Brunswick Melbourne, we always transferred the feast to Sunday and almost twenty years ago I merrily swung the thurible there.

Corpus Christi is just such an important and uplifting feast. Our bodies through the Holy Sacrament of Bread and Wine are preserved to Everlasting life. It is spiritual food that strengthens us time and time again.

Feel free to share some of our own thoughts on Corpus Christi and the celebrations you had.

Blessings for the weekend.

Father Ed Bakker


About fatheredbakker

Priest in the Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne /Missionary diocese of Australia and NZ Bendigo Goldfields Vic Australia
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