Prayers for our Bishop

Bishop Damien Mead had a bad accident – Bishop’s Accident 1st June 2013. A heavy display cabinet in the ACC church shop in Canterbury fell onto his foot causing a lot of damage, enough to cause great pain, the need for surgery and his being handicapped for several months.

Human feet are sensitive things. When I was received into the ACC last April, I had something like tendinitis or strained ligaments in my left foot and I had difficulty walking for a few days. Problems and injuries with feet are excruciating, and we only appreciate them when we get better from some problem. My problem got better in a few days. This injury suffered by our Bishop will take much longer to heal. There is no comparison, but I feel for him!

Please pray for him as he soldiers on with his ministry and the ongoing installations in the new church shop.

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One Response to Prayers for our Bishop

  1. Thanks Father Anthony, I did see the story on facebook already and we have been praying for him.
    With every good wish in Christ,
    Father Ed Bakker ACC/OP

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