The House of the True Light, Bendigo



Dear Friends ,

I am at the moment looking for a place to say Mass on Sundays in Bendigo and then have a cup of coffee with the faithful afterwards. ( See my blog on the 8th Sacrament ). Some one kindly tweeted to me that there is a Church on the corner of Forrest and Mckenzie streets Bendigo, which rents out their Church Hall.

Last Thursday, coming from a doctor’s appointment we drove up to this spot and low and behold on this street corner, there are about three Churches and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Bendigo, which is a magnificence building can be seen further down the road. I did not have too much time , but wondered down the path of the Church of the True Light, which is Anglican , used for contemporary worship on Sunday morning and by the Anglican Community of the Chinese in the afternoon. Next to the Church is the op shop in a hall and I called in to say hello to the ladies working there. A very kind reception I had. But… one needs to bear in mind that the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo has sold the land , which has been marked as industrial. I wont go into the reason of selling , but can only remark that another historic part of Bendigo will undergo some changes. Pity in many ways.

Having said all that , I  have a feeling that the Presbyterian Church across the road has the Church Hall , so must follow that up.

In the times we live in it is sad to note how many Churches we have , which are only used once or twice a week. It is also sad to note , that a lot of them in their Christian Charity could not to see fit to give me the use of their Church for an hour, for which I pay, so that we can do the Lord’s work as well.

We talk so often about Church Unity , we go a step forward, then we go some steps backward and yet this Church Union is one of our Lord’s dearest wishes.

Food for thought ?

 Father Ed Bakker

Happy Sunday


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Priest in the Anglican Catholic Church / Original Province Mission of Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne /Missionary diocese of Australia and NZ Bendigo Goldfields Vic Australia
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2 Responses to The House of the True Light, Bendigo

  1. AFS1970 says:

    We all talk of unity, but I am not sure how much unity we really desire. But I am also not convinced that we are in error all the time when we think that. Yes we are all supposed to be one in the Lord, but that oneness is supposed to be as Christians. The main problem is that the various disagreements that lead to our being different denominations in the first place have lead us to question who is or is not a Christian, which leads to our continued disunity.

    I am constantly surprised when I hear of an RC parish allowing the use (no matter if they are charging or not) of their building by Anglicans. I would think it to be quite hard for them to stick to that tired old “absolutely null and utterly void” line when they are allowing Anglican mass in their hall. The flip side is how can some of the more protestant churches stick to their idea that we are hopelessly Roman with all our candles and vestments while renting out their churches for our masses?

    That being said, I can understand a bit more why an Anglican parish might not welcome another Anglican jurisdiction under their roof as much as another denomination would. They see us as something other than true believers. We would see them the same way if a TEC parish asked to rent space from a continuing parish.

    That is why I am more and more in favor of renting secular facilities if you do not have a permanent building of your own. While it doesn’t help with unity, it seems that it eliminates the confusion and allows us to focus on the important stuff.

  2. Appreciated your feedback. I lived in Australia for twenty years, then went back to NZ for 10 and returned again , now to Bendigo two years ago. You would be interested to know that the RC Diocese of Christchurch gave me permission to conduct an AC Mass in a RC Building, not for long though until they changed Bishops. Bishop Andrew Curnow and I go back a long time, but I can appreciate the fact that he does not want continuing Anglicans using his facilities, pity though, because buildings standing empty most of the week. Back in NZ I was ordained Deacon and we got a lot of hospitality of the Uniting Church, they showed me a different face here.

    Yes… some sort of hall, school or scout hall would be the best, I am working and praying hard towards it.

    I absolutely agree with your view on Church Unity , we talk about, we pray about it, but don’t really work much towards it.

    Yours in Christ,

    Father Ed Bakker ACC/OP

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