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A Few Words

Revision as of 3rd August 2013, Invention of St Stephen. I have had some sincere and cordial correspondence with Fr Stephen Smuts by private e-mails. I have decided to remove the posts he found offensive. I count on him to … Continue reading

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Anglican Catholic Unity

Here one can find and read the statement of the Anglican Catholic Church on Church Unity which I post in response to some people who find our stance “stand-offish”.  Of particular importance is Section 6. It is very easy to … Continue reading

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How Official is this Blog?

Embryo Parson raises the legitimate question on Initial Report on the New Anglican Catholic Church Blog about how official this blog is. My answer is that it is not official. It is my own initiative and therefore is not official. The … Continue reading

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The ACC and the Free Church of England

In our Church website, I found news about the Free Church of England in South Africa making an approach to the ACC diocese down there. The Free Church of England, a Continuing Anglican body with about 3,000 members in the … Continue reading

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Events in Canterbury

The Pilgrim’s Refectory at the new Canterbury Church Shop is opening today in the historic Conquest House, 17 Palace Street, Canterbury. See Pilgrims’ Refectory Opens in our diocesan website. Congratulations are in order, and we should continue our prayers for … Continue reading

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Statistics of visiting pilgrims to my blogspot

Dear Fathers, Friends in Christ , You might know my BlogSpot, which I use primarily for evangelizing. Have a look at my stats if you are interested. I pray that it may be a blessing to all that visit. … Continue reading

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An Alternative to the Church of England?

The Anglican Catholic Church is certainly not well known in the United Kingdom and this is largely because it is overshadowed by the two great churches of England and of Rome and of the creeping tide of indifference to the … Continue reading

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