A Few Words

Revision as of 3rd August 2013, Invention of St Stephen.

I have had some sincere and cordial correspondence with Fr Stephen Smuts by private e-mails. I have decided to remove the posts he found offensive. I count on him to do the same thing. Reconciliation is our duty and the one things that gives meaning to life and faith in our fellow human beings.

* * *

I have been reflecting how this blog should be used. It seems obvious that if this blog bears the logo of the Anglican Catholic Church, then it is de facto an official blog, even if our Bishops have not given it that status. That brings a lot of responsibility, and I have tried to take care not to confuse this blog with my personal blog As the sun in its orb. This is not designed to be a personal blog.

This separation doesn’t seem to be very clear, and I do not wish to bring the ACC as a whole into any polemics. If any of our bishops or priests engage in polemics of their own, then they engage only their own moral responsibility. I meant this blog to be something positive. We need new life and new contributors to raise the “prophetic” and theological level.

I therefore place this blog – of my own initiative – into a state of hiatus. My Bishop has said that he considers this decision to be the right thing. Previous posts and comments continue to be available. Until I find a reason for its revival, readers are referred to the following three personal blogs which do not engage our Church.

I wish you all a good and restful summer, here in the Northern Hemisphere, and respite from the cold in the Southern.

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