I’ve been pondering on whether to write this, given the furore I appear to have been causing of late. I’ve decided to breach the hiatus slightly in the light of Fr. Chadwick’s update in order to reinforce good confraternity and happier relations with other Christians.

I wrote  An Alternative to the Church of England in order to demonstrate that the Anglican Catholic church is just that: an alternative. I did not mention any other alternatives for the very simple reason that I know too little about them and cannot speak of them with any degree of authority or knowledge: I simply felt it best to keep quiet, especially on a blog devoted to the ACC. If anyone has taken offence at that, I willingly and sincerely apologise. It is not my intention to offend, but it is my intention to promote the Church to which I belong and love to bits, warts’n’all. I am also aware of the warts!

I do willingly concede the existence of other alternatives to the CofE and it is really for them to give an account of themselves so that the honest enquirer can make a decision with a fully-informed and encouraged conscience. If this blog should return to activity, I will try to ensure that I do better.

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3 Responses to Eirenicon

  1. fatheredbakker says:

    Although I have asked Fr.Anthony to be taken off this blog, mainly because of all the arguments that flair up , I am telling you that you have nothing to apologize for. Having the logo on the blog makes if semi official and we are here to preach Christ Crucified and talk about the Church you and I love. Offcourse there are many other denominations as well. People should make up their own mind where they feel the happiest to worship their Lord. I was quite enthousiastic initially but there are always others lurking to spoil it and I have had enough of them quite frankly.

    A blessed Sunday

    Fr Ed Bakker

  2. Thank you for this. I don’t think anything was your fault. Perhaps you were not street-wise enough, and that many innocent things we say get twisted out of their intended meanings. I think we’ll get this blog back in business when new contributors volunteer. I’ll write some e-mails when I get back from Brittany.

  3. AFS1970 says:

    Glad to see this blog is back. I for one never really cared if it was official or not.

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