Constructive Hiatus

I have had some enquiries about the future of this blog.

It is impossible to say too much at this time, but I have had correspondence with our Metropolitan, Archbishop Mark Haverland and my own diocesan, Bishop Damien Mead. For this blog to be a work of our Church as opposed to a personal blog, it needs a team of clergy and lay persons to write articles. I have found support and encouragement from Archbishop Haverland and Bishop Mead and we are writing around.

The blog needs a very definite purpose, which would in first place be educational and reasonably high-brow. I am determined to free this blog from any harshness, polemics and negativity, especially between “Anglo-Catholics” and “Classical Anglicans”. Instead, I would like to promote serious reflection on the official positions of the Anglican Catholic Church and issues that concern Catholicism and Anglicanism in general. I would also like culture and social doctrine to enter the picture.

When I am sure of my team in addition to the support and encouragement from our Hierarchy, I could imagine this blog getting off to a new start, perhaps a little before Christmas.

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4 Responses to Constructive Hiatus

  1. Rdr. James Morgan says:

    As a now Eastern orthodox, I applaud this blog of continuing Anglican orthodoxy to promote the anglican ethos. Keep them flags waving, guys. There are many perspiring anglicans out there that want a ship rather than a lifeboat.

    • Thank you. And there are a few Anglicans who like small boats rather than tall ships. I am one of the Small is Beautiful brigade. Ships sail over whole oceans, but only small boats can explore the creeks and beaches. I wonder what is the ecclesiastical equivalent of trailer sailing

  2. AFS1970 says:

    I would love to see this blog come back.
    As for it being official, that is entirely up to you, but I really wouldn’t worry too much about what folks outside of the ACC think about the blog’s status. Since it obviously has at least the silent approval of the church leadership, I for one would just go ahead and write. If others join you, then the more the merrier.

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