Hope for the future

It has long been my intention to contribute more to this blog and I know that Fr Chadwick also would like contributions to what we had envisioned as being an organ for Anglican Catholics to publish thoughts, news and doctrinal discussions in an atmosphere of robust academic conversation.

I have recently blogged on O Cuniculi about my perceived conflicts between the Book of Common Prayer as a lex credendi and the Oecumenical Councils. There are members of the Anglican Catholic Church who hold to the Articles of Religion and those who don’t, and I have known this tension to become volatile between those who hold either view as strongly as to raise it to the level of dogma.

If there are any Anglican Catholic Clergy willing to help bring this blog back from the dead, it would be lovely to hear from them!

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1 Response to Hope for the future

  1. AFS1970 says:

    Glad to see this blog coming back.

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