This blog is inspired by my previous and present experience of blogging and is intended to be a direct organ of communication of the Church to which I belong as a priest. My personal blog enables me to express myself more freely whilst upholding my promises as a cleric of this Church. This blog is designed to supplement existing organs of information such as the Church’s official websites, The Trinitarian and our various diocesan journals.

For this reason, clergy and lay members of the Anglican Catholic Church – Original Province, the Anglican Province of Christ the King and the United Episcopal Church of North America are welcome to write to me to become contributors. This is done by sending your e-mail address to me at anthony.chadwick (at) wanadoo.fr [remove spaces and type @ to replace (at)]. Please also tell me a little about yourself and about your commitment to any of the three above-mentioned ecclesial bodies.

I expect postings to concern local news and any of the academic disciplines coming under the categories of theology, philosophy and church history including liturgical studies. I would like this blog to be quite “high brow” but yet accessible to most educated and cultured folk. I would like to keep polemics to a minimum.

Comments will be very carefully watched, and those who post provocatively and obsessively will be moderated. Trolls will be kept away by means of moderation and deletion of the offending comments. Wars waged in the comment boxes are destructive and sap morale, and can lead to the abandonment or destruction of the blog.

This blog must be a positive promotion of our Churches and their mission in the Lord’s Vineyard, and experience will make it easier to make this wish a reality.


One Response to About

  1. James Morgan says:

    May the Lord bless your efforts, Fr. Anthony!
    Even if I’m of the ‘other lung’!

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