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A message from Bishop Damien Mead on the Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

The Nicene Creed, which we recite at almost every Mass, declares the Church to be One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. In our Epistle reading at Mass today tells us that the Church of the New Testament was definitely one: “There … Continue reading

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A message from Bishop Damien Mead for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

In Christian theology, charity — or love (agäpé) — is the greatest of the three theological virtues (Faith and Hope being the other two). As I have said so many time s before the English Word “Love” sometime fails to … Continue reading

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When is an Anglican Catholic not an Anglican Catholic?

I once got into a spat on a Facebook Site called “Anglican Catholics” since the owner was clearly not what would be regarded as an Anglican Catholic: his beliefs were certainly askew from what could properly be called Catholic. His response was … Continue reading

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Hope for the future

It has long been my intention to contribute more to this blog and I know that Fr Chadwick also would like contributions to what we had envisioned as being an organ for Anglican Catholics to publish thoughts, news and doctrinal … Continue reading

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I’ve been pondering on whether to write this, given the furore I appear to have been causing of late. I’ve decided to breach the hiatus slightly in the light of Fr. Chadwick’s update in order to reinforce good confraternity and happier relations … Continue reading

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Anglican Catholic Unity

Here one can find and read the statement of the Anglican Catholic Church on Church Unity which I post in response to some people who find our stance “stand-offish”.  Of particular importance is Section 6. It is very easy to … Continue reading

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An Alternative to the Church of England?

The Anglican Catholic Church is certainly not well known in the United Kingdom and this is largely because it is overshadowed by the two great churches of England and of Rome and of the creeping tide of indifference to the … Continue reading

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