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Events in Canterbury

The Pilgrim’s Refectory at the new Canterbury Church Shop is opening today in the historic Conquest House, 17 Palace Street, Canterbury. See Pilgrims’ Refectory Opens in our diocesan website. Congratulations are in order, and we should continue our prayers for … Continue reading

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Prayers for our Bishop

Bishop Damien Mead had a bad accident – Bishop’s Accident 1st June 2013. A heavy display cabinet in the ACC church shop in Canterbury fell onto his foot causing a lot of damage, enough to cause great pain, the need … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the recent feast of Corpus Christi

Dear Friends in Jesus Christ, This beautiful picture was posted on Facebook by our Bishop of the ACC Diocese of the UK. It is magnificent. I have always been used to celebrated Mass on the actual feast day itself and … Continue reading

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